CDBG National Sign-On Letter - FY2019

HOME Senate Dear Colleague Letter - FY2019

HOME House Dear Colleague Letter - FY2019

HOME National Sign-On Letter - FY2019

CDBG House Dear Colleague Letter - FY 2019

CDBG Senate Dear Colleague Letter - FY2019

CHCDF Letter Thanking T-HUD Leaders for FY2018 Funding

Community Development Week Planning Guide - 2018

CDBG Coalition Letter on FY2019 Funding

Response to Frontline Show on LIHTCs

Letter to Trump Transition Team Regarding CDBG

COSCDA Comments on HUD's Broadband/Natural Hazards Proposed Rule

Sanctuary Cities Letter to Senate

COSCDA Comments on HUD's Proposed State Assessment of Fair Housing

HOME Coalition Report on the HOME Program

COSCDA Comments on HUD's Fair Housing Template

2017 Awards
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